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Mercedes Citan Lwb Car Size Van

• The smallest vehicle in our fleet the Citan is ideal for the removal of boxes and small furniture items. This vehicle is very easy to drive; the controls and gear box are the same as those fitted to most diesel cars. It seats two people including the driver.


Payload: 515kg

Internal Volume: 3.1m3 - Internal Length: 1.75m



Mercedes 209 cdi Sprinter Short Wheel Base Van

• This vehicle has a similar capacity as the standard ford transit van and is ideal for a variety of uses including small house removals, garage clearance and the transportation of household items such as sofas or double beds. This vehicle is very easy to drive and seats three passengers.


Payload: 850kg

Internal Area: 4.4m2 - Internal Volume: 7.5m3 - Internal Length: 2.6m

Rear Door Height: 1.6m - Rear Door Width: 1.56m  

LWB Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes 310 cdi Sprinter/VW Crafter 3.5 tonne Medium Wheel Base Van

• The big brother to the SWB panel van, this vehicle is ideal for medium size house removals, the general removal of boxes and small pallets. The three metre length of this vehicle along with the high roof makes this an ideal alternative to the transit van for those customers requiring a larger capacity. Our medium wheel base Mercedes and Volkswagen vans are the equivalent to the Transit Long Wheel Base van.


Payload : 1071 kg

Internal Area: 5.2m2 - Internal Volume: 9m3 - Internal Length: 3.26m

Rear Door Height: 1.82m - Rear Door Width: 1.56m  

Mercedes 313 cdi Sprinter 3.5 tonne Long Wheel Base Van

• Ideal for long distance removals thanks to their good fuel economy. This model of van is designed to carry long or awkward loads where a larger length or capacity rather than weight is essential.

• Carries three passengers and although it can be driven on a regular driving licence the length of this vehicle may be intimidating for those unfamiliar with driving a van.


Payload : 1099 kg

Internal Area: 7.4m2 - Internal Volume: 9m3 - Internal Length: 4.3m

Rear Door Height: 1.82 m - Rear Door Width: 1.56m  


Volkswagen LT 53 Luton Box 3.5 tonne Long Wheel Base Van (with tail lift)

• With a large box this vehicle is ideal for house removals however it is less economical on fuel than our panel vans. This vehicle carries three passengers and can be driven on a standard driving licence, it is ideal for carrying large loads for short distances.



The inside of the van is 3.90m long and width is 1.96m

The Luton (which is the part of the box that goes over the cab) is 2m long and 1.09m wide

Height of the box inside 2.26m

Rear Door Height: 1.95m - Rear Door Width: 1.85m

Mercedes Citan Mercedes Sprinter U-Drive Luton Van Mercedes Sprinter MWB